Top Resorts in Dandeli Which Will Force You to Visit There Again and Again

Dandeli is a charming town in Karnataka, the southwestern state of India. With wild trails and jungle safaris to its name, there is a lot more to Dandeli than meets the eye. As a matter of fact, the town of Dandeli has everything to offer that you can expect from a town as well as a jungle. Book a resort in Dandeli and go on a wild ride full of refreshing adventurous activities. Waterfalls, wooded hilltops, temples, caves, National Parks, camping activities, bird watching activities, and adventure water sports – these are but a few of the exciting attractions to be found in Dandeli. So, it goes without saying that a trip to Dandeli is every adventure loving traveler’s dream destination.

The biggest aspect of a trip to Dandeli where every tourist ends up spending a lot without realizing it fully is at the resort. This is not to say that Dandeli is a naturally expensive tourist spot. Most tourists just expect to spend more on the safari and end up booking a resort room in Dandeli without doing a background check on the place. But in reality, there are plenty of places where one can stay without incurring a huge bill. These are some of the best places to stay in Dandeli, especially for a day trip or a small outing. There are lots of unique experiences to be had in this charming town, so the resort is an important part of the trip.

Planning Trip to Dandeli? Find the Best Resorts to Stay In

Some of the best resorts in Bangalore for a day outing are actually quite inexpensive and as such, the requirements of the guest are not the same as a week-long trip. Book a resort in Dandeli and go sightseeing for the day.

Here are some of the best places to get a Dandeli resort for a day outing:

  • Bison River Resort: A perfect riverside resort renowned for its hospitality services and splendid features located 29 km from Londa Railway Station. They offer adjustable windows, reading lamp, make-up mirror, travel assistance, room service, medical services, front desk concierge, and attached bathrooms with hot and cold water in their fully furnished rooms. Guests can indulge in a fully stocked bar, grill, and lounge as well. The closest tourist spots include Supa Dam, Anshi National Park, River Kali, and Skye’s Point.
  • Regenta Resort: Located 76 km away from the Hubli Airport, 4 km away from Ambewadi Railway Station, and 4 km from Dandeli Bus Stand, this resort hosts a variety of conveniences for its guests such as Wi-Fi, parking, restaurants, breakfast, mini-bar, coffee maker, hot and cold running water, and air-conditioning. Points of interest nearby include Moulangi Eco Park, Anshi National Park, Dandeli National Park, Bommanahalli Reservoir, Syntheri Rocks, Skye’s Point, St. Joseph’s Church, and Kali Tiger Reserve.
  • Century Resort: The Century Resort in Bhadakanshirda, Dandeli is nestled in the lap of lush greenery. It offers a parking, room service, housekeeping, continental food, nature guides, and camping experiences to all its guests. The nearest attractions are Sunni Madni Jamiya Masjid, St. Joseph’s Church, Dandeli National Park, Anshi National Park, and Moulangi Eco Park, Skye’s Point, Bommanahalli Reservoir, and Kali Tiger Reserve.
  • Hornbill River Resort: Located 28 km from Haliyal Bus Stop, 27 km WCPM Gate 3 Bus Stop, and 28 km from Dandeli Bus Stop, this resort is too good for words. It offers lots of services such as Wi-Fi, coffee maker, dining area, reading lamp, attached bathroom, and premium bedding. It is close to superb landmarks such as Abharanya Wildlife Adventures, Crocodile Park, Dandelleppa Temple, Dandeli National Park, and Kali Tiger Reserve.

Make the Most of Your Trip to Dandelli

Nestled in the lush greenery and absolutely surreal serenity, Dandeli has some of the most remarkable activities in India. Some of the best nature activities such as camping and bird watching are almost commonplace here. The rarer sights to be found here include the Hornbill, black panther, tigers, Indian elephants, and monkeys. Booking a resort here can be unnecessarily expensive and most services are charged as an extra anyway. So, the less there is of clutter and unnecessary services in a resort, the better. What is essential in any trip to Dandeli is to book a resort that provides travel assistance, restaurants for dining, breakfast, Wi-Fi, and running hot and cold water. These amenities are more than sufficient for the average adventurer, but sometimes free parking can be a big help as well. Enjoy a trip to Dandeli and drink in the nature to get thoroughly refreshed and get back to the city rejuvenated. Be sure to spend as much time as possible in the jungle and pack your bags accordingly – sunscreen, a change of clothes, drinking water, binoculars, cameras, and mosquito repellant are the essentials. Book your rooms today for a trip well worth remembering.

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