Top Biking Destinations In The US

For biking enthusiasts, the United States has an endless amount of destinations that offer exciting trails and great sights. Each year many thousands of bikers take to the road in an RV rental to hit the top biking spots in the country, oftentimes getting in multiple destinations over the course of their trip. If this sounds like a plan to you, then it is highly advised that you join them for your next road journey. When mapping out the regions and places you wish to hit on your trip, take into account these top biking destinations in the US so you can be sure you aren’t leaving any top rate biking hotspots off your list.


Located in the lush western slope region of Colorado, this is truly a biker’s dream. Here you will find the world famous Fruit and Wine Byway, a 25 mile loop that is currently one of the top biking destinations in the country and world. On this loop you will see the majestic Grand Mesa mountain, sweeping sandstone cliffs, miles of pretty vineyards, many orchards and farms, and the rolling meadows this region is famous for. You can even stop off at the vineyards along to way to take a tour or sample some of their product. This is easily one of the most picturesque trails in the country, so try to get to it on your trip.

Santa Fe

New Mexico has long been a mecca for cyclers, with the Santa Fe region being one of the top destinations in the country for those looking to hit some epic trails. Santa Fe has a number of great trails right outside city limits which take in the unique local terrain that mixes desert-like landscapes with mountainous regions and lots of rocks. This is some of the best biking in the world, and there are easily a dozen top trails just a short drive from the center of town.

Blue Ridge Mountains

This South Carolina destination has become a top draw for cyclists due to its close proximity to the stately Blue Ridge Mountains. Biking in this region is known to be a unique experience full of winding mountain roads and some of the most vast and stunning scenery in the world. There are at least 10 major biking routes in the region, plus many of the towns in the area such as Travelers Rest fully cater to bikers traveling in the region to experience the wonders of these trails. If you want the full cycling experience, then pull your RV rental up to the Blue Ridge Mountains on your journey.

Point Reyes

Located on the golden California coast right outside Marin County, Point Reyes has long been known as one of the top spots in the nation for cycling. These are some of the most beautiful rolling hills to be found anywhere in the world, and you can set off in any direction from town and will enjoy the territory. The California coast is a gorgeous place indeed, and here is your key to biking and basking in the lovely surroundings. You have all of this and more just outside this bucolic town that the Marin County locals know to be one of the top places to cycle in the county, which is really saying a lot when you consider that this is some of the most gorgeous biking territory in the world. Plan on using Point Reyes as your local headquarters when biking in Marine County.


If you’ve never thought of Texas as a place for cycling, then think again. Fredericksburg offers up endless miles of staggeringly beautiful rural roads with panoramas of rolling lowlands and vineyards. Cycling enthusiasts have been increasingly discovering these lovely surroundings over the past two decades, and if you decide to come here on your cycling journey it won’t take you long to figure out why. To put it simply, this region has some of the most stunning scenery to bike in and an abundance of routes to take in the immediate area. If you’re into road biking, then you will definitely not want to miss this stunning scenery or these calm rural roadways.

If you’re packing up your RV rental and hitting the American open roads in search of great biking areas, then you are certainly in for the trip of your lifetime. There are so many different regions known for great biking that it would take many trips just to get in all the popular areas. Keep in mind that these are only some of the top regions known for good biking. There are many, many more that you will want to research as well before setting off and depending on which area you will be traveling in. No matter where you may roam, you will be able to find some great cycling opportunities.

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