Five of the Best Breakfasts in Paris

In celebration of our new season ‘Parisian Café’ collection – ideal for wandering the streets of Paris in style, or just adding a chic French flair to your wardrobe – we’ve rounded up the best breakfasts in Paris, one of our favourite indulgences on a weekend trip away to this wonderful city. So sit back and watch the world go by at one of these cultural hotspots, our top picks to experiencing the vintage café culture that remains in Paris to this day:

  1. Café Des 2 Moulins – 15 Rue Lepic, 75018

Famous for appearing in the film Amélie, as the workplace of the eponymous protagonist, Café Des 2 Moulins has surpassed its status as just a tourist attraction, and reverted back to its prior success as a cosy neighbourhood café. We recommend enjoying an ‘Amélie Speciale’ – hot chocolate and a crème caramel – or a freshly made croissant, as you sit in the comfy red chairs outside – the perfect viewing point for the lively street market.

  1. Café De Flore – 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75006

Home to fantastic pain au chocolats, this café is frequented by everyone from the fashion elite to the literary tourist. This is the place in which Sartre sat as he wrote his most famous lines: “Man is condemned to be free.” Whether you’re hoping to soak up the creative atmosphere or just to enjoy a nice cup of tea, you’ll enjoy the luxurious surroundings and high quality of service. Don your Tom Ford sunglasses and you’ll fit right in!

  1. La Mer à Boire – 1 rue des Envierges, 75020

La Mer à Boire offers a stunning view from one of the highest points in Paris, overlooking the Parc De Beville and providing the perfect view of the entire city. The café pairs tasty pastries with an artistic atmosphere. It serves as a gallery for cartoonists and graphic novelists, and acts as a concert hall should you like to pop back in the evening. Plus, the café offers free wifi – useful for planning your day as you enjoy the view.

  1. Eggs & Co – 11 Rue Bernard Palissy, 75006 Paris

As the name would suggest, Eggs & Co is the best place to head if you’re in the mood for a more savoury breakfast. We suggest the French classic, oeufs in cocotte – eggs baked in ramekins with cream and other add-ins. It’s a very popular café, so it’s best to reserve a table the day before.

  1. Les Enfants Perdus – 9 rue des Récollets

Tucked away near the Canal Saint-Martin, Les Enfants Perdus offers a rather hefty brunch – the perfect preparation for a long day exploring the city. For €25, you receive three platters of delightful breakfast options: the first, mini viennoiseries and hot tea or coffee, the second, eggs and salmon, and finally, soup, and a selection of meats and cheese. Go mid-morning to make the most of the massive spread.

We hope you enjoy our breakfast recommendations, and let us know below if you have any others to add to the list!

Why do you book your bus tickets online?

There will always be a reason why you prefer booking a bus online rather than getting and paying your bus tickets on the bus stations or ticketing booths. Whatever your reason is, pretty sure that it is for your own advantage and benefit. Anyway, if you feel comfortable with it, then so be it.

Before, when online bus booking is not yet available, everybody needs to go out from their homes or workplace just to get a bus ticket. Sometimes, you are even in a rush to get a ticket, but you still need to wait because there is a very long queue. Other passengers were also there to buy their tickets. But, no matter how long the queue is, you have no other options left. You will wait for your queue just to get your ticket.

But, today’s technology has changed that old system. You do not always need to go out of your homes or workplace again. You may now book your tickets online. We are lucky enough that we have advanced technologies. If this online and computerized system was not discovered, then we will all grow older experiencing that long queue every time we travel.

Why do you book your bus tickets online

Customized booking

As a traveler, who always aim to have a better traveling experience, you have choices. You can customize your booking online. This only means that you can always choose the seat that you prefer when traveling. Bus companies with online booking system also consider the passenger’s comfort. That is why choosing your seat is also available.

Aside from that, various facilities provided and meals are also offered. So, it is up to you to choose which deals you will take. Remember that there might be more services and facilities included in your bus fare. But, those things are for your comfort. So, why not take it while seats are still available.

It is faster

If you are going to compare booking and buying tickets online with ticket booths in the malls or bus terminals, then you can surely say that it is faster online. Can you imagine how much time it would take you to get a ticket from the booths? Keep in mind that there are always long queues there. So, if you are kind of in a hurry, then this is not a good option for you.

Now, if you are going to buy your bus ticket online, it is really fast. You can buy the ticket wherever you are as long as you have access to a fast Internet connection and then, you have a computer to use. If, you do not have a computer or laptop at home or if you lost your Internet connection, then you can go to the nearest Internet Café.

Another option is to connect your smartphone device via WiFi, then get a mobile app that you can use to buy your ticket. It will surely take you a minute or two to do this transaction online. That is really fast, right?


Wherever you are in the world, you can always buy a ticket, having a reliable device or machine. Sometimes, we really get lazy waking up and preparing early just to go to the ticket booths. We know that those spots are crowded and noisy. But, if we do not have a choice, then we need to start moving as early as possible, so that you can buy a ticket at the soonest time. There were also times, where you cannot really go out to buy that ticket. So, you need to think of a way to get it by sending someone to buy for you.

You won’t feel such laziness again and you do not need to send someone again with online transactions. Even if you are still on the bed, you can buy your bus ticket online. That’s how convenient it is. You have 24 hours a day to buy your tickets.

Aside from that you have options on how you are going to buy your bus ticket. You may always use your personal computer, your mobile phone or tablet as long as you can connect it with your mobile data or LAN’s internet connection.

You have privacy

You can do your transactions privately. Other people will not even know where you are going and what you are doing online. This is a great way to escape from everybody because they will not even know where you are going not unless you are going to inform everybody about your trip.

The process online is just between you and the bus company, offering services for buying bus tickets online. This company will not inform everybody about your transaction with them. It is in their law not to broadcast any transaction made with them. So, if your trip is a secret, then it is safe.

Advance booking

Do you know that you can book and buy your bus ticket in advance? This will greatly benefit those who have future plans of traveling to other towns. You just need to plan when you want to travel. If you are going to buy your bus ticket online, you have to choose the date and time of the bus leaving the station.

After choosing your departure time, then you can use your ticket at that bus. Just make sure to arrive in the bus station on time. The bus will leave at the said date and time, so if you did not appear, then your seat is vacated. But, most bus companies will not give you a refund. Sometimes, they will consider your absence and you may change your travel time. You are lucky, if you can find a bus company with such policy.

Exclusive offers

There are also bus companies, who offers special deals and discounts. There are times, where you can buy a ticket at a very low price. These bus companies always make ways on how they can get passengers.

So, if you can find such promotions, then you better grab it. This kind of deals do not take long because seats are easily taken. Passengers waiting for such offers are too fast, so keep that in mind.

Top Summer Places

To judicially arrive at a place during the summer that you are visiting, it is important to start the trip off right be selecting a good airport to begin your journey. Take a taxi to airport then get on a flight to a number of possible destinations to make your summer count. Start the vacation in a safe and efficient way by using transport services to get you where you need to be.

Why Use One

By using an airport taxi you guarantee you will be on time for your flight or to make check-in at your hotel. Pick airport transfers that are trustworthy, cost-comparative, and have a good relationship with its clients. Vehicle services are used from executives down to common workers and there is a variety to choose from to meet your needs. If you travel frequently and require airport transfers, it is important to remember they do play a part in how you remember the journey. By registering for one beforehand you may even pick the vehicle you would like; a must have if you are trying to keep an image or just want to try something new and exciting. On-the-go is not a problem either as that is usually the case. There are apps, google, or simple customer service to assist anyone in getting a car quickly as plans can rapidly change due to unforeseen circumstances. Rather than cancel the whole trip, they allow people to adapt to schedule changes and catch the correct flight to make it to their destination.

Some Top Summer Places

Take a taxi to airport and head to noted vacation spots such as the Bahamas, New York City, Niagara Falls, Bora Bora, or a beach you and your family have never had the chance to see. There are countless theme parks and water worlds to choose from, not to mention lake and mountain communities. Visit at far as Europe to experience the summer festivals there or pick a closer to reach low key place famous for a food or activity. The best summer visits depend on what you are seeking out of it, so if it just a beautiful location you seek there are certainly enough to choose from. Visit famous restaurants, get some shopping in, or sightsee a whole new landscape. Try Africa’s safaris if you are adventurous or go on a cruise departing from a local airport to check out the water world. Include diving and animals, and you will have pictures for ages.

The Importance of Trips

It is crucial to let your body and mind have periods of rest and a great way to do it is to enjoy the warm summer air and activities. Though it sounds counter-productive, fully relaxing is a way to allow yourself to be rejuvenated and come back in top form. Not to mention, summer vacations form family memories and allow places from dreams to come to life. Try going to a more cozier location like visiting the countries most popular places or head to a distant place of wonder with just a taxi ride.

Airport taxi services are plentiful and allow their customers feel secured and make all deadlines. It is prudent to realize to have a vacation, one must get to it. When picking your next place to visit, do so sensibly. Make sure your vacations are everything they should be by taking advantage of their knowledge. On your next summer visit to a far-off place plan ahead of time to use one to make the process easy and stream-lined, leaving the stress at home where it belongs.

Top Resorts in Dandeli Which Will Force You to Visit There Again and Again

Dandeli is a charming town in Karnataka, the southwestern state of India. With wild trails and jungle safaris to its name, there is a lot more to Dandeli than meets the eye. As a matter of fact, the town of Dandeli has everything to offer that you can expect from a town as well as a jungle. Book a resort in Dandeli and go on a wild ride full of refreshing adventurous activities. Waterfalls, wooded hilltops, temples, caves, National Parks, camping activities, bird watching activities, and adventure water sports – these are but a few of the exciting attractions to be found in Dandeli. So, it goes without saying that a trip to Dandeli is every adventure loving traveler’s dream destination.

The biggest aspect of a trip to Dandeli where every tourist ends up spending a lot without realizing it fully is at the resort. This is not to say that Dandeli is a naturally expensive tourist spot. Most tourists just expect to spend more on the safari and end up booking a resort room in Dandeli without doing a background check on the place. But in reality, there are plenty of places where one can stay without incurring a huge bill. These are some of the best places to stay in Dandeli, especially for a day trip or a small outing. There are lots of unique experiences to be had in this charming town, so the resort is an important part of the trip.

Planning Trip to Dandeli? Find the Best Resorts to Stay In

Some of the best resorts in Bangalore for a day outing are actually quite inexpensive and as such, the requirements of the guest are not the same as a week-long trip. Book a resort in Dandeli and go sightseeing for the day.

Here are some of the best places to get a Dandeli resort for a day outing:

  • Bison River Resort: A perfect riverside resort renowned for its hospitality services and splendid features located 29 km from Londa Railway Station. They offer adjustable windows, reading lamp, make-up mirror, travel assistance, room service, medical services, front desk concierge, and attached bathrooms with hot and cold water in their fully furnished rooms. Guests can indulge in a fully stocked bar, grill, and lounge as well. The closest tourist spots include Supa Dam, Anshi National Park, River Kali, and Skye’s Point.
  • Regenta Resort: Located 76 km away from the Hubli Airport, 4 km away from Ambewadi Railway Station, and 4 km from Dandeli Bus Stand, this resort hosts a variety of conveniences for its guests such as Wi-Fi, parking, restaurants, breakfast, mini-bar, coffee maker, hot and cold running water, and air-conditioning. Points of interest nearby include Moulangi Eco Park, Anshi National Park, Dandeli National Park, Bommanahalli Reservoir, Syntheri Rocks, Skye’s Point, St. Joseph’s Church, and Kali Tiger Reserve.
  • Century Resort: The Century Resort in Bhadakanshirda, Dandeli is nestled in the lap of lush greenery. It offers a parking, room service, housekeeping, continental food, nature guides, and camping experiences to all its guests. The nearest attractions are Sunni Madni Jamiya Masjid, St. Joseph’s Church, Dandeli National Park, Anshi National Park, and Moulangi Eco Park, Skye’s Point, Bommanahalli Reservoir, and Kali Tiger Reserve.
  • Hornbill River Resort: Located 28 km from Haliyal Bus Stop, 27 km WCPM Gate 3 Bus Stop, and 28 km from Dandeli Bus Stop, this resort is too good for words. It offers lots of services such as Wi-Fi, coffee maker, dining area, reading lamp, attached bathroom, and premium bedding. It is close to superb landmarks such as Abharanya Wildlife Adventures, Crocodile Park, Dandelleppa Temple, Dandeli National Park, and Kali Tiger Reserve.

Make the Most of Your Trip to Dandelli

Nestled in the lush greenery and absolutely surreal serenity, Dandeli has some of the most remarkable activities in India. Some of the best nature activities such as camping and bird watching are almost commonplace here. The rarer sights to be found here include the Hornbill, black panther, tigers, Indian elephants, and monkeys. Booking a resort here can be unnecessarily expensive and most services are charged as an extra anyway. So, the less there is of clutter and unnecessary services in a resort, the better. What is essential in any trip to Dandeli is to book a resort that provides travel assistance, restaurants for dining, breakfast, Wi-Fi, and running hot and cold water. These amenities are more than sufficient for the average adventurer, but sometimes free parking can be a big help as well. Enjoy a trip to Dandeli and drink in the nature to get thoroughly refreshed and get back to the city rejuvenated. Be sure to spend as much time as possible in the jungle and pack your bags accordingly – sunscreen, a change of clothes, drinking water, binoculars, cameras, and mosquito repellant are the essentials. Book your rooms today for a trip well worth remembering.

How To Book A Good Airport Taxi Service in Jaipur

Hiring the taxi for the Airport drop is one of those last minute jobs done by most of us. But with the 24 hours taxi services in Jaipur of the Royal Taxi Cabs, the job is easily accomplished. Booking the taxi for the airport drop is as easy as counting the numbers on your mobile phone.

Booking the taxi in Jaipur had never been so easy:

Step #1 – Call up our contact number

Step #2 – Talk to our executives

Step #3 – Give your requirements – the preferred time for the pickup and the location for the


Step # 4 -Get the cab right at your doors.

Booking the cab from the airport for a drop at your destination is also quick and easy. We have our taxis waiting for you near the airport so that you are not late in getting back to your near and dear ones any time of the day. Want more, book a two way cab service from home to airport and again from the airport to your home while receiving your guests from airport to avoid repeated bookings. Booking the taxi with Royal Taxi Cabs for the Jaipur Airport drive gives you a gentle ride in a clean and hygienic environment with the well-trained and professional can driver.

Getting all these benefits in the single booking gives one a satisfied drive to the Airport ensuring that the journey further from the airport is also smooth and hassle free. You may compare our services with those provided by the other Jaipur tour packages.

We take pride in our serving our clients and customers. Our professional attitude has made us the No.- 1 choice by the companies in Jaipur for receiving and dropping and sightseeing purposes for their eminent clients and higher officials. Our services have given us positive feedbacks from our clients encouraging us to raise the benchmark further up.

You can also avail these facilities and benefits of an enjoyable drive to the Jaipur Airport by:

  1. Contacting us at our round the clock helpline number @ 91-9414969491
  2. Contacting us over mail:
  3. Booking online @

A confirmation message will be sent at the mobile number or the e-mail id given by you while registering at the web page. You are now assured of having booked the best taxi service in Jaipur for your airport trip.