Mumbai: A city with energy

Have you been looking to explore a new city, with more vibrancy and a different type of atmosphere? Well, you should look no further than Mumbai. The capital city of the state of Maharashtra, it was founded hundreds of years ago and was once home to the kings of the Maratha Empire. There is a reason why you can find hundreds of buildings which are culturally and historically significant, all around the city. If you are in Goa and are tired of all the regular spots and want something to spice up your tastes, head to Mumbai!

If you have been planning a trip for some time, now would be the right time. Flight tickets are cheaper than ever and with the just a click of a button you can find Goa to Mumbai flights. The weather is quite similar between Goa and Mumbai and hence, there is no need to get new clothes. Packing light is also recommended, as you can indulge in some retail therapy when you are there.

There are also many places you can visit, but some of these sights are just something you simply cannot miss:

  • Gateway of India: An archway built in the early 20th century to commemorate the arrival of the kings and queens of England; today it is a monument of our freedom struggle, and a point where the last of the British departed from the country. It is regularly flocked by tourists and makes for a great sight to witness during sunsets and sunrises. The monument is synonymous with the identity of the country and if you are a patriot, this place should be no1 on your list.
  • Marine Drive: This is by far the most popular tourist destination in all of Mumbai. It is a very scenic place, etched onto the memory of almost every Indian who watches Bollywood movies. It also features on post cards and on books depicting the story of the city. During the evenings the place is packed with hawkers and street food vendors, making for a nice stroll you can take. It is the premier destination you need to visit when you come to the city.
  • Victoria Terminus: A Railway station is not supposed to get as much attention or popularity as this place, however, the VT is something else entirely. It was a building constructed in the late 1800s and using Victorian and gothic architectural influences. It was built to commemorate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria. It has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site and is a building to marvel at. If you happen to take a train through or near this place, you should spend some time looking at the building and its splendour.

These are some of the more popular monuments around the city and they represent years of history that the city has witnessed. Apart from the buildings, there is a whole lot more to do in Mumbai. From foods to sights to adventure, this is a city that has it all and is definitely worth the visit.

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