Top Biking Destinations In The US

For biking enthusiasts, the United States has an endless amount of destinations that offer exciting trails and great sights. Each year many thousands of bikers take to the road in an RV rental to hit the top biking spots in the country, oftentimes getting in multiple destinations over the course of their trip. If this sounds like a plan to you, then it is highly advised that you join them for your next road journey. When mapping out the regions and places you wish to hit on your trip, take into account these top biking destinations in the US so you can be sure you aren’t leaving any top rate biking hotspots off your list.


Located in the lush western slope region of Colorado, this is truly a biker’s dream. Here you will find the world famous Fruit and Wine Byway, a 25 mile loop that is currently one of the top biking destinations in the country and world. On this loop you will see the majestic Grand Mesa mountain, sweeping sandstone cliffs, miles of pretty vineyards, many orchards and farms, and the rolling meadows this region is famous for. You can even stop off at the vineyards along to way to take a tour or sample some of their product. This is easily one of the most picturesque trails in the country, so try to get to it on your trip.

Santa Fe

New Mexico has long been a mecca for cyclers, with the Santa Fe region being one of the top destinations in the country for those looking to hit some epic trails. Santa Fe has a number of great trails right outside city limits which take in the unique local terrain that mixes desert-like landscapes with mountainous regions and lots of rocks. This is some of the best biking in the world, and there are easily a dozen top trails just a short drive from the center of town.

Blue Ridge Mountains

This South Carolina destination has become a top draw for cyclists due to its close proximity to the stately Blue Ridge Mountains. Biking in this region is known to be a unique experience full of winding mountain roads and some of the most vast and stunning scenery in the world. There are at least 10 major biking routes in the region, plus many of the towns in the area such as Travelers Rest fully cater to bikers traveling in the region to experience the wonders of these trails. If you want the full cycling experience, then pull your RV rental up to the Blue Ridge Mountains on your journey.

Point Reyes

Located on the golden California coast right outside Marin County, Point Reyes has long been known as one of the top spots in the nation for cycling. These are some of the most beautiful rolling hills to be found anywhere in the world, and you can set off in any direction from town and will enjoy the territory. The California coast is a gorgeous place indeed, and here is your key to biking and basking in the lovely surroundings. You have all of this and more just outside this bucolic town that the Marin County locals know to be one of the top places to cycle in the county, which is really saying a lot when you consider that this is some of the most gorgeous biking territory in the world. Plan on using Point Reyes as your local headquarters when biking in Marine County.


If you’ve never thought of Texas as a place for cycling, then think again. Fredericksburg offers up endless miles of staggeringly beautiful rural roads with panoramas of rolling lowlands and vineyards. Cycling enthusiasts have been increasingly discovering these lovely surroundings over the past two decades, and if you decide to come here on your cycling journey it won’t take you long to figure out why. To put it simply, this region has some of the most stunning scenery to bike in and an abundance of routes to take in the immediate area. If you’re into road biking, then you will definitely not want to miss this stunning scenery or these calm rural roadways.

If you’re packing up your RV rental and hitting the American open roads in search of great biking areas, then you are certainly in for the trip of your lifetime. There are so many different regions known for great biking that it would take many trips just to get in all the popular areas. Keep in mind that these are only some of the top regions known for good biking. There are many, many more that you will want to research as well before setting off and depending on which area you will be traveling in. No matter where you may roam, you will be able to find some great cycling opportunities.

I Saw My Grandson Being Born

My son has been living in the U.S for a few years now, and he and his wife were about to have their first child a few months ago. I wanted to be there to experience the joyous occasion with them, so I decided to fill out an ESTA and stay with them. This was my first time traveling out of the country and flying in an airplane. I was scared, but for my son, his wife, and their baby, I could take it. I had a fear that something would go wrong on the plane and it would crash in the ocean without anyone being able to find our location, and eventually I would drown.

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Enjoying the top rated reef snorkeling packages for Isla Mujeres

Snorkeling is a beautiful sport and if you are doing it only when on vacation, you should make sure that everything will be working great. When visiting Isla Mujeres, you will be able to enjoy relaxing on the most beautiful beaches in the world, and since the Caribbean Sea is full with natural treasures, it would be a pity if you don’t explore everything, even the things placed down underneath the water. But since this can be a very dangerous activity, you must be sure that the equipment you are going to use will be in an excellent condition, and also, if you are not experienced, you should think about finding a person which can give you some basic guides by which you can explore this without the risk of putting yourself in danger. If you want to learn more over this sport, you can do it by reading the article following By reading this article you will be able to recognize a quality snorkeling package and relax without worrying over the things that could possibly go wrong if you’ve considered choosing to snorkel with a team which is not professional enough.

Look for a company online

                Since diving inside a deep water can be a very dangerous activity if it is not performed with a team of professionals, you shouldn’t put your trust into the first offer you are going to see when you arrive there and decide to enjoy on the beach. It would be the best if you look for an offer online even when arranging the trip, since there are couple of things which should be done on Isla Mujeres, and this is one of them. When looking for reef snorkeling packages, always consider finding some offers online, and comparing them afterwards. You can start by google searching the service, and looking over the webpages which can give you information over the price and the things offered, such as the ones presented by Isla Mujeres Vacations. Once you go through some of them, you will be able to see which one is the best option.

Choose to work with an instructor only

                When it is about snorkeling, most of the offers are being made in order to be good for people which are not having any experience when it comes to snorkeling. This means that anyone can enjoy in the beauty underneath the water, but it comes with a great responsibility as well. When looking for an offer, make sure that the equipment is included, as well as an instructor which will be in charge of maintaining you some advices when it comes to snorkeling. Snorkeling is a safe activity only when it is performed with a team of professionals, and in order to minimize the unwanted outcome, you must consider this part as an important one. In order to determine if the team is good enough you can choose to read some online reviews or see if the license provided is legit enough.

Consider the place

                When in Isla Mujeres, besides visiting one of the best beaches there, such as this one, you should be careful when choosing the snorkeling package. Not all tours are made at the same place, and people’s preferences have a lot of variations. Since the island is big and the Caribbean Sea’s nature is wide and gorgeous, there are plenty of things to choose from. Make sure that you’ve done a good research over the things that could be seen underneath, since besides its flora and fauna, there are many other beautiful things to be seen, such as the underwater museums which can be a beautiful experience if you are a person interested in art, or simply fascinated and excited to see something which can be a movie scene. No matter which activity will have its priority for you on this vacation, please remember to choose an offer provided only by a licensed team of professionals providing snorkeling packages, in order to stay safe. Those tours may cost you a bit more than the other ones, but when it comes to a person’s safety, paying more in order to maintain a good conditions for you and your family should be put as a priority.

Mumbai: A city with energy

Have you been looking to explore a new city, with more vibrancy and a different type of atmosphere? Well, you should look no further than Mumbai. The capital city of the state of Maharashtra, it was founded hundreds of years ago and was once home to the kings of the Maratha Empire. There is a reason why you can find hundreds of buildings which are culturally and historically significant, all around the city. If you are in Goa and are tired of all the regular spots and want something to spice up your tastes, head to Mumbai!

If you have been planning a trip for some time, now would be the right time. Flight tickets are cheaper than ever and with the just a click of a button you can find Goa to Mumbai flights. The weather is quite similar between Goa and Mumbai and hence, there is no need to get new clothes. Packing light is also recommended, as you can indulge in some retail therapy when you are there.

There are also many places you can visit, but some of these sights are just something you simply cannot miss:

  • Gateway of India: An archway built in the early 20th century to commemorate the arrival of the kings and queens of England; today it is a monument of our freedom struggle, and a point where the last of the British departed from the country. It is regularly flocked by tourists and makes for a great sight to witness during sunsets and sunrises. The monument is synonymous with the identity of the country and if you are a patriot, this place should be no1 on your list.
  • Marine Drive: This is by far the most popular tourist destination in all of Mumbai. It is a very scenic place, etched onto the memory of almost every Indian who watches Bollywood movies. It also features on post cards and on books depicting the story of the city. During the evenings the place is packed with hawkers and street food vendors, making for a nice stroll you can take. It is the premier destination you need to visit when you come to the city.
  • Victoria Terminus: A Railway station is not supposed to get as much attention or popularity as this place, however, the VT is something else entirely. It was a building constructed in the late 1800s and using Victorian and gothic architectural influences. It was built to commemorate the golden jubilee of Queen Victoria. It has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site and is a building to marvel at. If you happen to take a train through or near this place, you should spend some time looking at the building and its splendour.

These are some of the more popular monuments around the city and they represent years of history that the city has witnessed. Apart from the buildings, there is a whole lot more to do in Mumbai. From foods to sights to adventure, this is a city that has it all and is definitely worth the visit.

Best Luxury Hotels in Alibaug to Enjoy a Luxurious Staycation

Alibaug is a small coastal town in the Konkan region of Maharashtra which is famous for its beaches with clean water and the ancient marine forts. This town was developed in the 17th century under King Shivaji’s rule. The town derived its name from a rich man named Ali who used to live here and owned many mango and coconut plantations. His plantations were called ‘Alichi Bagh’ which meant Gardens of Ali in Marathi and hence the name kept modifying till it became Alibaug.

Alibaug is easily accessible by boat, bus and car from Mumbai. Although there are auto rickshaws available in the town for commuting, we suggest its best to have your own vehicle to do beach hopping. Let us have a look at the best hotels in Alibaug to stay in luxury.

  1. Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Alibaug

Radisson Blu Resort & Spa is the number one luxury hotel available in Alibaug with beautiful landscaping and a lovely sparkling swimming pool. This hotel has a standard maintained throughout the country in all their branches. On-site amenities such as Wi-Fi, full service Spa, swimming pool, library, and other services are provided for the in-house guests here. This resort is situated close to the Varsoli beach. Each room, suite and villa in this resort have a beautifully landscaped private garden or balcony. There are two fine dining restaurants and three bars available. This is undoubtedly the best hotels in Alibaug.

  1. U Tropicana Alibaug

This resort is located just three kilometres away from the serene and pristine Kihim beach and it is a vast area with beautifully landscaped gardens spread across 12 acres of land. The guests who stay here can definitely forget about their worries and tension with its relaxing and rejuvenating atmosphere. All the rooms in this resort are themed in contemporary style influenced by the local regions elements clubbed with the resorts ideology of superior customer service. Some of the facilities in this resort are lounge bar, fitness centre, Swimming pool, spa, free Wi-Fi in rooms and lobby, a comfortable library for guests to sink into their world of fiction and an all-day dining restaurant to curb your hunger pangs at any time during the day!

  1. Prakruti Resort

Prakruti resorts offers the perfect weekend getaway in Alibaug. It is a 4-star luxury beach resort. This is one of the biggest hotels in Alibaug which is spread over 100 acres of beautiful scenery. This resort is beautiful in its own way with one side providing a lush green forest view and the other side providing a strikingly beautiful beach view. The pristine Kashid beach is easily accessible from this resort where you can go for long stroll in the clean beach or swim to your hearts content in the resorts private swimming pool, or go for a rejuvenating massage and Spa amidst the bountiful natural beauty. There is a fine-dining multi-cuisine restaurant where you can enjoy delicacies from across India such south indian, Rajasthani, Punjabi, Gujarati along with Chinese and continental also. There is also a Discotheque with an in-house DJ for you to dance your heart out at night. the special services available here are bon fires in the evening, bullock cart rides, kids play area, water sports activities in the beach, indoor and outdoor games.

  1. Maple Ivy

Maple Ivy is a boutique family hotel in Alibaug which is contemporarily designed and has luxurious rooms for a perfect stay with family away from the city life. They have high class facilities such as fine-dining restaurants and a lounge bar with exotic cocktails to hang out with friends, rooftop swimming pool and also a terrace lounge which makes it an enjoyable stay with family or friends. Their personalised customer service is what sets them apart from other hotels in the town. Here, there is something for everyone such as the kids play area for the children, a beautiful spa with full service for the women and a lounge bar for the men to relax and unwind. Hotel Maple Ivy also one of the best hotels in Alibaug in terms of luxury

  1. Outpost

Outpost Boutique Resort is a beautiful resort with a rustic setting and perfect for a family getaway from the bustling city life for a quiet and peaceful holiday. With the lush greenery surrounding the resort you can wake up to the chirping of birds and enjoy the contemporary feel of the resort clubbed with traditional Indian hospitality. They also have state-of-the-art facilities for a business set-up which serves as a great place for corporate meetings and seminars. Facilities such a squash court for sports enthusiast, mini theatre for movie buffs and a tree house for nature lovers and children and a yoga centre for the fitness freaks make it a unique resort in Alibaug to stay with your family.

Alibaug is a beautiful place for a relaxing holiday. You can book yourself in one of the best resorts in Alibaug listed above and enjoy your trip! Don’t forget to go out for wonderful sightseeing and enjoying the clear beaches in the vicinity for a fulfilling holiday.